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What is Style in html | What is CSS | What is Style tag in HTML | What is Style attribute in HTML

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What we Learn..?

  1. About Style.
  2. Style as Attribute.
  3. Style as Tag.
  4. About CSS.
  5. Using CSS in html.

About Style…

Styles in html are rules that describe how a document or webpage will be presented in a browser as output.
Style can be use in three ways:
  1. Inline attribute for the tags: In this method we use attribute inside opening tag.
  2. Individual tag: In this method we use individual style tag in head section.
  3. External Style Sheet: In this method we link external CSS file with help of link tag.

Style as Attribute.

  1. Style attribute allows us to define the content on the html element.
  2. Style attribute specifies the style of an element.
  3. Style attribute decides how the content will be displayed.
  4. Style attribute override existing property of tag.
  5. If want more property in same attribute use semi-colon(;)

Style as Tag.

  1. Style tag defines the styles of whole page of document.
  2. We can use many style tag for a single document.
  3. It used inside head section.
  4. Style tag is a paired tag.
  5. We can use multiple styles for multiple tag.

What is CSS?

  1. CSS stands for “Cascading Style Sheets.
  2. CSS is used for styling an or multiple html document.
  3. We can use single CSS file for styling multiple html document.
  4. It defines how our web pages or documents will look.
  5. It defines design and layout of webpage.
  6. CSS file will not have any html code.
  7. We include CSS file in head section of html document with the help of “Link” tag

Common Style Attribute.

  1. Text align.
  2. Font family.
  3. Font size.
  4. Color.
  5. Background color.

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