Friday, April 20, 2018

Unlock Samsung phones by codings

What is Coding in Mobiles...?

Some USSD no. which we can Dial in phone keypad after dial they allow us to access some hidden features of our mobile, which is we really don't know called Coding.

Some USSD codings are same in all Companies's all model mobiles, but some codes are difrent in all models of mobile.

Here I'm telling about only Samsung Mobile Codings

If you want to Check IMEI no. of your Mobile then dial *#06# in your mobile, IMEI no. will display at your Mobile Screen.

If you want to check Software Version of your mobile Dial *#9999# or *#1234#, after dialing this Software Version will Show on Screen...

Phone Lock Coding:- 

Default Lock code for Samsung Mobile is 0000.

Default Factory Reset Code is also 0000, or may be changed by users.

If you Forgot Phone Lock:-

If you have forgotten your Phone lock then you should dial one of these numbers:- 


After Dialing one of these numbers "E2P Custom Reset" will show on mobile's Screen for a Second and phone will Restart. But in Some Mobiles Phone will directly restart after dialing these numbers.

Here is Video Tutorial

Many Problems you can solve by these Coding without Flashing, Some Problems are:-

  1. Audio Problem
  2. Automatic Phone Call Disconnecting.
  3. Showing Please wait on Screen.
  4. Deducting Balance.
  5. Hanging Problem.
  6. Restarting Phone.
  7. Phone not working Properly.
  8. Ringer not Working.

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