Saturday, May 5, 2018

How to Flash OPPO A57 Oppo CPH1701

Now we are going to flash Oppo CPH1701 is also Known as Oppo A57.
Here is some Tools Required For Flashing Oppo A57:-
1.  Laptop or Computer.
2.  High Quality USB Cable.
3.  MSMDownload Tool Cracked.
4.  Flash File.
5.  Qualcomm Driver.
6.  Battery Should Charge 50% and Above.

Steps for Flashing:-
1.  MSMDownload Tool Cracked:- Oppo A57 Has a Qualcomm CPU, Qualcomm CPU are flashed by Qfil Tool, but we will flash it with MSMDownload Tool Cracked, So we have to Download and Copy it to Firmware File's Folder (Link is given Below). 

2.  Flash File:- Now Download and Extract Flash File of Oppo A57 (Flashing File is Given Below)
3.  Qualcomm Driver:- Install Driver of Qualcomm (Link is Given Below).

Connect Phone in EDL Mode by pressing Both Volume Buttons.
Open Cracked MsmDownload Tool.
Click on Start.

Watch Video Tutorial:-

Downloading Tools and Files:-

Downloading Tool

Oppo A57 CPH Firmware File

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