Monday, June 18, 2018

How to Flash LYF LS 5009.

Here we are going to tell about flashing Lyf LS 5009 / Lyf Wind 6.
Requirements For Flashing of Lyf LS 5009 :-
1.  Laptop or Computer.
2.  High Quality USB Cable.
3.  Qfil Tool.
4.  Flash File.
5.  Qualcomm Driver.
6.  Battery Should Charge 50% and Above.
Steps for Flashing:-
1.  Qfil Tool:- Lyf LS 5009  Has a Qualcomm CPU then we’ll flash it by Qfil Tool, for getting Qfil Tool you have to Download and Install QPST (Link is given Below). If you installed QPST then Follow this Path to get QFIL Tool C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\QPST\bin\QFIL
2.  Flash File:- Now Download and Extract Flash File of Lyf LS 5009 (Flashing File is Given Below)
3.  Qualcomm Driver:- Install Driver of Qualcomm (Link is Given Below).
Open Qfil Tool, Conect Mobile to PC with pressing Vol- and Vol+ Key. Computer will take Driver of Qualcomm.

Select “Flat Build”
Select Programme file and Select Xml file and Click on Download Button.

Watch Video Tutorial:-

Downloading Link:-

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