Monday, July 16, 2018

Learn Basic Mobile Software Chapter 1: What Is Software

What Is Software?

Software is a  Opreating System, which operates our Hardware, or you can say that software is system to make easier our lifestyle.

What Is Virus…?
Virus is a system which unreadable by our System. When our system Tries to read these types of files, System got Hanged.

Why Should we need to do Software in Our System..?
1.     If Mobile Consuming/Draining Battery (IF Hardware is OK).
2.     Sound Problem (If Hardware is OK).
3.     White Display(IF Hardware is Ok).
4.     Hanging Problem.
5.     Stucked on Logo.
6.     Installing Apps Automatically.
7.     Automatic Call or Cut Call.
8.     Automatic Send SMS.
9.     Automatic Debiting Balance.
10.  Set Restart (IF Hardware is Ok).
11.  For Unlocking Mobile.

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