Tuesday, October 23, 2018

What is Electronics Componets? How Many Types of Components?

What is Electronics Components?

Electronics Components  are discrete device in an electronic system which is used for affect electrons or their field, electronic component are mostly Industrial product available in singular form, without  these components circuit are never complete or did not function well. There are many components in electronic System.

How  Many Types of Electronics Components:- 


If we talk about how many components then it is very difficult to count on finger tips, but if we talk about types of components then there are only two types of Componets. i) Active Components. ii) Passive Components.

1. Active Components:- We can say that Active components are source of energy in any electronics circuit (Usually DC Circuit) and usually can inject Power into a Circuit. Many Copmponents can amplifying signal or supply are also included in Active Components Such as Transistors, Triodes, Vacume Tubes, Diodes etc.

2. Passive Components:-  can’t Introduce energy into the circuit. These are not source of power also can trasnsfer supply or power only. They can not amplify signal but in some cases they can increase voltage (through Transformer).

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