Monday, May 13, 2019

What is Safe Mode ? How to Turn On Turn Off Safe Mode ?

What is Safe Mode ? How to Turn On Turn Off Safe Mode ?

As computer has the safe mode for disables most of the functions, android smartphone also has Safe mode  for disable almost all the processed and apps which run the core services at the background mode. Please note that, in Safe mode there will be some apps which will not be seen and also your phone will not be having most of the shortcuts and unnecessary options. Safe mode can be identified by the “Safe Mode” tag which will be written on the top right portion of the screen. Just in case if you wish to figure out on what is the issue in your android smartphone, Safe Mode helps you out to figure the same. Also, once the device is booted in the safe mode helps in detecting the issues which are otherwise not possible to find out when tonnes of apps are installed and active in your android device.

How to Turn On Turn Off Safe Mode ( Watch Video)?


That’s your Android’s way of telling you something is wrong. When in safe mode, your Android temporarily disables any third-party applications from running. It’s likely your Android encountered an app error, malware, or some other operating system blip.
Safe mode can also be a way to diagnose any problems with your Android. If you manually turned on your Android’s safe mode, it’s likely you wanted to see if a new app was what caused your phone to crash, freeze, or run through its battery faster than usual. Essentially, the feature lets you see your Android in a state similar to when you first got it from the store.
How to Turn On Turn Off Safe Mode
Pressing the Power key together with the Volume rocker might be the help you need.
  1. Turn off the smartphone.
  2. Once you’re sure it’s off, press and hold the Power button until you see the logo on the screen, then release.
  3. Quickly press the Volume Down button and hold it for few seconds until you see the message “Safe Mode: OFF” or something similar.

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