Saturday, March 3, 2018

Components of a Manual Stabilizer

                      Components of a Manual Stabilizer

    On/Off switch:- Simply it works for on or off stabilizer, It is very useful to save unnecesary uses of stabilizer and saves electricity. 
Rotary Switch :- Rotary switch has a pole and 8 ways for changing way of voltages to Step Down Step UP voltages.

      Auto Transformer :- It controls value of AC voltages which comes from Power house.

    Voltmeter:- It shows value of voltages that how much voltages going to Output Socket.

  Output Socket:- Output Voltages Connected to Output Socket, from Output socket connected our main supply.

For Convert our stabilizer to UP-DOWN, We use One Pole-Two Way or Double Pole- Double Throw (DPDT).

If the output voltages is more than 230 volts then connection should be disconnected for this output voltages is not given to output socket directly, given from a Relay Switch. Relay Switch works as like a One Pole- Two Way Switch.

Relay has a coil which works of Electro Magnet, for giving supply to coil of relay we have to use a Low voltage Transformer and Relay Drive Circuit.

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