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Working of Auto Transfer in Stabilizer

Working of Auto Transfer in Stabilizer

There are assembled many types of components in all Stabilizer. A lead (wire) and a Output Socket also assembled in Stabilizer.

If we get instant 230 Volt from power house then we have no need for stabilizer. But sometime Voltage decreases to 200 volt,  sometime to 180 volt and  Sometime to 140 volt, and sometimes increases to 240 volt and sometimes reaches 270-280 volt. The changing value of this Supply is given to Stabilizer through Lead(wire).  The components in the stabilizer act as such that the value of the AC supply on the output socket is not below 180 volt and does not exceed 230 volt, it means we can get 20-30 volt less or more value of Supply from 220 volt to stabilizer.

Structure and operating system of Auto Transfer

If we talk about structure of Auto Transfer looks like all types of transfer, but in auto transfer, Primary winding and secondary winding never separate. There is only single winding on core of transfer and there many ends(tapping) from various places of winding. in this transformer many winding connected in series.

In Images of auto transformer, there are 1000 turns between A-B, and 100-100 turns are 
between B-C, C-D, D-E, E-F and F-G. If 150 volt AC input is given between A-B ends then
 current will flow in A-B winding. This current will produce Alternating Magnetic Field,
which passes through core of transformer, and all the winding one the core will generate AC
If given 150 AC Volt(less than from Normal) on 1000 turns then all every 100 turns’ll will
produce 15AC Volt each. 150 AC volt on ends of A-B, 165 AC Volt on ends of A-C,
180 AC volt on A-D, 195 AC Volt on ends of A-E. 210 AC volt on A-F, and 225 AC volt 
on A-G will get. That is, by giving less supply at low turn through auto transfer, more supplies
 can be received at more turns.
Similarly, if 300 AC volt (Higher from Normal) supply is given between 1500 turns
(means on A-G ends) then 20 AC volt will be generated on every 100 turns.
 We will get AC Supply Between A-B 300volt / 1500turns × 1000 turn = 200 AC Volt, 
Between A-C 220 Ac Volt, Between A-D 240 AC volts, Between A-E 260 AC Volt, 
Between A-F 280 AC Volt,  Between A-G 300 AC Volt,
 that means we can get get less supply at lower turn by giving more supply on the more turn
 of the auto transfer.
Usage of Auto Transfer in Stabilizer

Auto transfer is used in all manual or automatic stabilizer, 
The supply coming from the powerhouse, either by manual switching or by automatic 
switching action, is given between the common end(point) of auto transfer and the any
 other end(Point). After switching supply is given to Output Socket through Auto transfers.

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