Tuesday, March 6, 2018

How Does Auto Transfer Work Manual Stabilizer

Auto Transfer which is using Manual Stabilizer has 8 Points and another point name Common Point.  The number of turns is settled as like that if we give 180 volt supply between Common Point and Point no. 8 then we get different value of Voltage on all rest 7 Points,

Value of Voltages like that:-

On Point No. 7 = 190 Volt
On Point No. 6 = 200 Volt
On Point No. 5 = 210 Volt
On Point No. 4 = 220 Volt
On Point No. 3 = 230 Volt
On Point No. 2 = 240 Volt
On Point No. 1 = 250 volt

If we give 250 volts on Common Point and Point no. 1, We can get same Different voltages on Different Points.

If Value of voltages'll Change or we'll change points of input then value of voltages'll change on all points.

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