Tuesday, March 6, 2018

How to Remove FRP of Samsung J7 Nxt by Odin

If your Samsung J7 Nxt get locked as FRP, then there is two method to remove FRP Lock.

1. Calculator Method.
2. By Odin.

1. Calculator Method. :- In this method we have to start talkbck option.
                                          By this go to Google,
                                          From Google Download Devloper settings.
                                          Open Calculator and type (+30012012732+

A new window'll open type there *#0808#
Another new Window will Open Select last point and restart Mobile.

Connect Pc and follow step as Video is Given Below

Samsung J7 nxt Calculator Method Video Tutorial:-

2. By Odin:- Download FRP file and Extract it. Downloading Link Given Below.
                      Open Odin
                      Select File in CP.
                      Flash Phone with Click on Start.
                      Now Hard Reset Mobile.
                      Connect Mobile to PC.
                      And Follow as Video

Remove FRP of Samsung J7 Nxt by Odin Video Tutorial:-

Downloading Links:-

Samsung J7 Nxt FRP File

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