Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What is Drivers?

                              What is Drivers...?

A programming file or setup which Communicate or controll Internal or External Devices to PC, called "Drivers". It can be Printer Driver, Camera Driver, CD or DVD rom Driver, Keyboard Driver, Mouse Driver, these drivers controll many devices.

Some drivers installed automatically with Opreating system but for many devices we may need to install manualy, Many drivers of devices come with device in CD's or contain itself and installed itself.

Drivers Perform like a Communicator or Mediator between your device and Computer. All devices have own commands and drivers better know the commands of devices and opreate them.

Samsung Drivers

MTk Drivers

SPD Drivers

Qualcomm Drivers

ADB Drivers

LG Drivers

     How To Install All Mobile Drivers Watch Video Tutorials.

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