Tuesday, May 14, 2019

How To Make Qualcomm EDL Cable (9008 in COM 9008) Xiaomi, LG

How To Make Qualcomm EDL Cable in COM 9008 series for Qualcomm (Xiaomi, LG, Samsung)

You Need:

  1. Cable MicroUSB cable or USB-C
  2. Single switch
  3. Cutter to separate the cable casing
  4. Screwdrivers to remove the switches.
Watch Pinouts:-

Watch Video:-

Technical explanation:
- The USB cable has 4 microfiber include: V+ (+ 5V) , D- , D + and GND - When the shutter (connector) 2 fibers D + and GND together and connected to the phone, the phone will automatically enter EDL mode (on PC COM port driver the studio 9008 )

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