Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How to Flash Motorola XT1022 With Flash File And Flash Tool

If you are going to flashing Motorola XT 1022 and don't know how to flash, dont be worry, here is solution, First thing to know that Flashing of Motorola is Very Easy, Just follow some steps,

Before Start Flashing Save your DATA which is very Important and valuable and check battery for charge, Battery Should charge 50% and more.

For Security reason Motorola XT1022 come with bootloader locked, We have to unlock bootloader First, Connect Mobile in Fastboot mode ( Connect Mobile with Pressing Volume - Key )

Computer will take Driver of ADB, Open your Miracle Box (if you dont have Miracle Box then Download Crack Version of Miracle Box) Select "Android" bar in Miracle Box, Now Select "Fastboot" Option, Now Check on "Unlock Bootloader" and click on "Start" Button. Boot will Unlocked.

How to Flash Motorola XT1022:-

Connect Mobile in Fastboot mode ( Connect Mobile with Pressing Volume - Key )

Download and Extract ADB Flashing Tool (Link is Given Below)
Download and Extract Motorola XT1022 Flash File (Link is Given Below)

In ADB Flashing Tool you will Get Five Files Copy all Files.
Open Motorola XT1022 Folder and paste here five files which copied from ADB Flashing Tool.

Now Click on "Flash" File.

Watch Full Video:-

Downloading Links:-

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