Thursday, May 17, 2018

How to Hard Reset Micromax Mobile

Android Multi Tools is a best programing or Software for Factory Reset about all android devices and Chinese Mobiles and Tablets. This Speciality of this Software make very Important and Valuable tool for us.

When Costumer or Owner of the mobile forgets the password, Pattern, Pin and phone does not getting Hard reset by keys then this tool work to Remove Pin, Password or Pattern Lock.

When loose or Forgot password and Hard reset not working, there is no availability of stock rom file for flashing, then use this tool defenately it will work and you can do it.
The good thing is that removing password using this tool is not risky because we are not going for flashing mobile, we are just wiping data and nothing.

Here is Video Tutorial How It work:-


Here is Downloading Link of tool:-

Android Multi Tool Download Here

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