Sunday, August 5, 2018

How to Flash Yureka YU5510

If it seems that your mobile eating your battery, having hanging problem, in this fault you can factory reset your mobile then You will See that your 70% problem has gone, But you can lost your Data so Please create a backup of your mobile before take this action.

But Sometimes problem do not go after factory reset mobile, in this case you have to flash it. not in hanging problems you need to flashing, there are some more reason for flashing your mobile.

If mobile stucked on Logo, automatically Installing apps, deducting your balance. Auto Restarting you need to flash it. Before Start Flashing check your battery for charge, battery should be charge about 70% or more. Low battery may be cause of damages  your device.

And More Important is your data as Contact numbers, your some videos with friends or with your family, your photos/images which clicked by you at very rare moments, some favorite songs collections which you collected by hard working all is important. So save your data because as I have already told you that after flashing or factory reset all data will be deleted.

For backup you can copy all contacts at your sim card, for save photos, videos, songs you can use SD Cards, Pen Drive, External Harddisk, Another Mobile whatever you have at this moment of flashing your mobile.

After charge your battery and Save your very very important data, there are some steps of flashing mobile follw this step by step, definately you can do it.

Now We are going to Flash Yureka YU5510 step by step.

1. Install Drivers.
2. Install YGDP TOOL.
3.Download and Extract Flash File.
4. Open YGDP Tool.
5. Take file.
6. Connect Mobile with pressing volume up button.
7. Click On start.

Downloading Link:- 

YU5510 Flash File

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