Friday, April 12, 2019

FRP Bypass from Samsumg J4 without Computer

FRP Bypass from Samsung Galaxy J4 without PC New Method.

Now, It is very easy FRP bypass from about All Samsung Mobile without PC with new method, in this method you don’t need any Computer or Laptop and don't need any Box.
In this method we will enable “Talkback” option to open "CHROME”, and will download only two apk file(Quick Shortcut Maker and Remote.apk), and then add new gmail account to remove FRP Protection from our samsung Mobiles.

This method is successfully tested on all Samsung Mobiles with Android 8.0.1 version

Video Tutorial for Remove FRP


Follow these Steps:-
1. Connect Mobile to Internet (wifi).
2. Tap on “Home Key” till enable “Talkback” option.
3. Draw 'L' on Screen for Pop up menu Option.
4. Open "TalkBack Settings"
5. Scroll down with help of two fingers.
6. Open "Help and Feedback"
7. Press Volume '+' and '-' key for disable TalkBack.

8. Open "About Switch Access for Android"
9. A page with embed with a youtube video touch there on "watch" Icon.
10. Chrome will open, visit to website
11.Open "FRP Solution" from drop down Menu Button.
12. Scroll down and open "All For Solutions".

13. Download and Install "Quick Shortcut Maker"
14. Search "Settings" and open.
15. Deactivate "Find my Device" and disable "Google Play Services"
16. Back to Quick "Shortcut maker to open "Chrome" download "Remote.apk.
17. Back to settings for login gmail account from Accounts option.
18. Activate "Find My Device" and enable "Google Play Services"
19. Restart Mobile

!! All Done !!

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